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Habash Dental Clinic

Habash Dental Clinic is located in the heart of the capital Amman, at the entrance of sweifieh near the sixth circle , which is the most beautiful and lively area and is the commercial heart of Amman . Being on the ground floor makes it easier for elderly and children to get in , in addition to the presence of several car parkings around it.

The center is directed by Dr.Suhad Habash who has got the B.D.S. Degree in Dentistry from the University of Jordan . She also holds the American Board in Dentistry in both its parts 1&2 from the American Dental association in Chicago . She has worked in many locations where the last one was a private clinic near the seventh circle. She performs all general dental treatments on her own.

Moreover there is a team of visiting doctors in the various fields of Dentistry like oral surgery orthodontics, implantology etc…. Who are very well qualified each in his specialty.

Habash Dental Center is one of the latest centers in Amman , characterized by the presence of a large air conditioned comfortable lounge for waiting and a special receiving team capable of dealing with all segments of the society smoothly and professionally .

As for the medical equipments we use the latest and most effective ones as we consider luxuries in Dentistry as basics.
The main point which represents the fundamental difference in any medical center is the disinfection and sterilization measurements applied ,because so many people seek treatment in dental centers , some of them have chronic diseases or are carriers of diseases , and some are completely healthy .

So it is unfair for those healthy people to be treated with the same tools and materials used for the other sick people without complete and profound sterilization in advance to guarantee 100% no transmission of infection , and this is only possible through very complicated and expensive devices which are found in few dental centers.

One of them is Habash Dental center .

We use the Autoclave class B for sterilization which uses both steam and pressure to eliminate all bacteria and viruses effectively. The source of light in the dental unit works by sensors so that it is switched on and off by passing the dentist`s hand in front of it without touching it.

The water used by the patient for rinsing and all the water coming through the dental unit is distilled water . We use disposable instruments and materials wherever possible such as
Plastic cups , suction tips and face masks which are replaced for each patient . And not to mention , the treating physician uses a new pair of gloves for each individual case to prevent transmission of diseases .

As for the prices we guarantee the best prices in the region as we are completely bound up with the pricing of the Jordanian Dental Association which is at a fraction of the costs compared to the exact same dental procedures in countries like USA , UK and Gulf countries .

We believe that our appearance is so vital to our success, yellow and dull teeth are totally unacceptable and considered to be old – fashioned .

• Our goal is to provide dental care for the entire family in a friendly environment using the latest technology and techniques, and help you achieve the optimal oral health and the beautiful smiles you deserve.

• Working hours 10 : 00 am – 7:00 pm

• Click here to see a map of the location

Site Map• clinic address: Sweifieh – Abdelrahim Mohammad St – near Hardees-building (7)

• for appointments you can call at 065818372 or 065818371 or you can book your appointment through this reservation form.



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